Whaddon Way Church

about Us

We are an ecumenical - Anglican/Baptist - church in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, England, one of the many ecumenical churches in Milton Keynes.  We are one church, but we draw on the riches of both traditions in both our worship and organisation.  We attract worshippers of all ages, from a few months to over 90, and from all walks of life and many different countries.

Our worship style is mostly freeform/spirit led with more formal liturgy when appropriate, depending on the worship leader and the type of service.  We try to worship so that most people will feel able to participate as much or little as they desire.

We have a music group, including singers, to lead the singing.

Usually the young people depart to the back of the building for their Junior Church groups half way through the service, joining us for drinks and sometimes cakes afterwards.

We offer a variety of Sunday and week-day events - clubs for young and very young people and house groups for Bible study, and to help you get to know each other and the Lord better.

First Service September 2012